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Moni Singh was born in a middle-class household in Kolkata on July 28, 1901. Kali Kumar Singh was his father’s name, and Sarala Debi was his mother’s. Kali Singh, on the other hand, married into the Susang Durgapur dynasty. Moni Singh’s father died while he was only two and a half years old. His family spent some time in Dhaka at the home of one of his uncles, Deputy Magistrate Suren Singh, at the time.

Sarala Debi and her seven-year-old son Mani Singh moved to Susang Durgapur, her ancestral home in Netrokona, after four and a half years there. Moni Singh completed his primary school at Susang Durgapur before continuing his study in Kolkata.

During this time, his anger and contempt of the British banians grew even stronger. He became active in the anti-British movement throughout his school life as a result of his hatred and resentment. He joined the ‘Onushilon’ party and progressively became involved in revolutionary actions as a result of his anti-imperialist mindset.

The mass non-cooperation movement and the caliphate movement in 1921 left a lasting influence on young Moni Singh. He was skeptical of the terrorist strategy. He continued to organize peasants in the labor movement and the anti-British struggle throughout this time. The principles of the Russian Revolution and the historic ‘October Revolution’ inspired him in 1917.