Early Life

Moni Singh was born on July 28, 1901 in Kolkata. His father, Kali Kumar Singh, was the son of the zamindar of Purbadhala, Netrokona. His mother came from a royal family of Susang Durgapur of Netrokona district. Although born in a royal family, Moni Singh selflessly detached himself from the opulent, peaceful and elegant lifestyle and instead chose a hard life of struggle. He devoted himself to bringing about revolutionary changes in the society. He revolted against his family’s exploitation of the poor people. He organized peasants’ movements and soon became the favorite of the have-nots.

Young Moni Singh moved to ‘Susong Durgapur’ of the then Mymensingh district (now Netrokona) due to untimely death of his father. School-boy Moni Singh took part in the struggle against British colonial rule. He joined anti-colonial armed group ‘ Anushilon (practice)’.